September 27, 2011

Rolan Says Stills' Look was His Idea First

For the Florida State game Oklahoma wide receiver Kenny Stills bleached the hair on the back of his head to blonde. It seems that McAlester, Okla. star 2013 linebacker Devin Rolan may be thinking of looking into copyright infringement law. It's not that Rolan feels Stills took the idea from him but the 6-foot, 220-pound linebacker says he is confident that the idea was his first, even if Rolan was a week late in acting on the idea.

"I didn't even mean to copy, I've had this idea for a long time. I didn't do it to copy him but then I saw Kenny do it and then it made me do it," Rolan laughed. "I just had to - black and gold are our school colors."

Rolan might have looked up Stills while he was in Norman for Oklahoma's 38-28 victory over Missouri on Saturday. However, it was a pair of current Sooner linebackers that he spent some time around, including Tom Wort who Rolan met during Oklahoma's summer camp.

"The game, it was exciting, afterward I talked to Tom Wort and Travis Lewis," he explained. "I talked to Tom a little bit and he was pretty upset about the way they played - he was saying there was no way they should have been in the end zone on those last two.

"But I know how that it is, it happens some times."

Rolan has never made any denials about being a lifelong Sooner fan but says that his interest in picking up more attention from Oklahoma linebackers coach Brent Venables, or from any other program isn't slowing down his focus at the moment.

"(The attention) is fun and it's exciting, but I'm a pretty focused person, for right now I'm still a McAlester Buffalo. I'm just trying to get the questionnaires that schools send me out but I try and stay focused on the team in my mind," he said. "I mean I wasn't planning to go to the game but my parents thought I should."

That dedication to his team sees Rolan star not only at linebacker but also as the team's kickoff specialist. As watched Rolan one couldn't help but notice his absence from the Buffaloes defense after each kickoff. It became apparent that each time out Rolan was having to change his shoes back and forth from a kicker's to a pair more befitting of a physical inside linebacker.

"Sometimes I'll play without them tied or even without my shoe on. It just kind of depends on the situation," he said.

Not surprisingly many have expected that Rolan will end up at Oklahoma but he is quick to point out that to he and his family his education is the thing they are pushing toward. And in the end, if someone wants to pay for his education - he'll be willing to listen.

"Growing up it was just me and my mom and she always knew I was talented in athletics and she always told me to be the best you can be and play hard. And I think she was always worried whether she could put me through college money-wise and that's a big thing for me," Rolan admitted.

"I've always had the drive, but my parents tell me as long as you're going to college they don't care where I go, so long as I'm getting an education."

One player who could be competing with him for the offer is Wagoner's T.J. Ponds who was also in attendance on Saturday. According to Rolan the two don't carry any ill will about their potential competition.

"I hung out with T.J., I sat with him and everything," he said. "No there is no (rivalry), I mean it's one of those things that I'd like to go to Oklahoma but if that doesn't happen I'll just see what else is there."

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